Queue App


Queue is a reservation queuing app for limited edition fashion items in Hong Kong. The app aims to cut the middle-men between the small businesses and customers: professional queuers.



Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping


Senior Thesis


Parsons School of Design



Animosity between local Hong Kong customers and Mainland Chinese buyers are being fueled by cultural differences between the two groups.

An example can be seen through the high demand for limited edition foreign products. Mainland China buyers are willing to pay professional queuers for these goods with much higher prices, while local Hong Kong customers are often outbid and left disgruntled. Both customers and small businesses are affected negatively:

  • Frustration from local Hong Kong customers 

  • Overall dissatisfaction of the political climate in Hong Kong

  • Lower demand from local Hong Kong customers in the long run

  • Strong dependency on the highly volatile Mainland Chinese economy

  • Potential damage towards business reputation and long term sales, despite higher short term profit margins

How do we resolve the issue of professional queuers through technology?



  • Name: Sam Wong
  • Age: 26
  • Job: Owner of an upscale cafe in the trendy neighborhood of Causeway Bay
  • Gear: Limited edition sneakers from Japan, denim & smart casual dress shirt
  • Purchases from: Small boutiques while traveling to Tokyo or New York, or friends who live overseas

User Persona: Customer



  • The thrill of being able to purchase limitied edition sneakers like Nike Yeezy 2
  • Wearing rare fashion items in the streets of Hong Kong
  • Being a trend setter & fashion icon among friends and on Instagram
  • Being photographed by local fashion magazines & fashion blogs


  • Waiting and paying for extortion prices on eBay
  • Going through a long, complicated process to purchase a pair of sneakers or sunglasses
  • Wearing generic clothing
  • Spending a long time negotiating with aggressive professional queuers and ending up not getting the item

User Persona:
Small Business


  • Name: Kevin Chan
  • Age: 28
  • Job: Owns a small sneaker store above ground level that is located in a small trendy mall
  • Sells: Limited edition sneakers, beanies and caps from Japanese and American brands that have no official store but have a huge presence in the local fashion scene.


  • Traveling to Tokyo and Seoul for work: fashion merchandising while being on vacation
  • Having merchandise sold before the hype dies down
  • Having frequent customers that dress stylishly and up-to-date, which helps elevating the store’s trendy image


  • Overstocking items that sell poorly
  • Receiving complaints and warnings by mall security guards and the police for causing overcrowding
  • Being prone to poor reputation on the internet for ‘co-operating’ with professional queuers


A reservation system through the form of a mobile app was created.

There are two end users: Customers, who are local Hong Kong residents, and small businesses that sell popular limited edition items from overseas