RateBeer App (MVP)


Ratebeer.com is widely recognized as the most extensive, credible and popular sources for beer information. It serves as a forum for craft beer enthusiasts. The RateBeer app is a craft beer discovery app that allows users to search, rate and review beer.



User Journey, UI Design



RateBeer's greatest value comes in users' ability to contribute beer and brewery information on a continuous basis.

How do we enable users to discover craft beer and contribute easily on a mobile app?


User Persona:
Interested Explorer


  • Knows a bit about craft beer
  • Likes exploring craft beer


  • Discovering cool regular spots in trendy neighborhoods
  • Meeting new people while going out
  • Peer validation: having people within social circle knowing he frequents at cool spots


  • Missing out on more interesting options
  • Not knowing what most items on the menu mean
  • Ordering beer that he doesn't enjoy


We created a mobile app to validate our assumptions on users gaining satisfaction from and contribution: allowing users to 'log' beers they've had, and to write reviews on beer they've had.